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Welcome to JMB Gaming
-a coalition of gamers - Jim, Matt and Brian


Inurbasekillinu, Mar 28, 13 2:08 PM.
Wildstar -  Click Here for site

Beta Signups available

Starbound Update

Inurbasekillinu, Mar 18, 13 10:16 AM.
What is done and what is left! Looks like possible summer release!

"We really want to provide you with an experience that makes you feel as if you're lost in a huge Universe and that requires a certain level of completeness.
We keep supplying screenshots because a lot of people ask for them on a daily basis. I understand for some people they just want to wait and play the game when it's out at this point, it's a difficult balance to keep everyone happy but we're trying our best.
Whilst a lot of our shots do seem very complete, of course we're mostly showing off shots of the complete portions of the game and it's a big game.
I'm working on the roadmap in my spare moments when I'm not working on the game (which aren't many). We'll get it up there soon.
To give you a vague idea until it's up. Universe generation is basically done. (Which is by far the most time consuming part of all of this). Navigation is done, weapon generation is mostly done, NPCs work but we want to add a ton of more unique behaviours and make them scale better with the planets threat level. Farming is done. Water physics are done, sand physics are done, explosion physics are done. Building is essentially done. Cooking is done.
We need to do a few more dungeons and villages. We also need to get some parts of the ship leveling system working in code. Crafting works but we're revamping it. We need to do a lore/book reading system. We need to put shields in. We need to work on friendly NPCs/Shops/Quests some. The pet and vehicle systems need work.
We also need some time to put in more fun tech items and then theres a bunch of miscellaneous polish and whatnot.
I'm sorry it's taking a while, sadly we were forced to make the game public quite a while before we wanted to, so the wait has been long. However, It will be worth the wait I promise you."

SimCity (5?)

Inurbasekillinu, Mar 5, 13 11:27 AM.
New SimCity is out - lots of awesome features and insane amount of detail

Plot size seems a bit small - DRM (requires constant internet connection)

Wait for this to go on sale or find an alternate means of obtaining it.

And Multiplayer Video


Inurbasekillinu, Dec 1, 12 1:51 PM.
New Space Sim in the works from creator Chris Roberts (Wing Commander\Freelancer)
check out the details here

Squadron 42 Cinematic Long Trailer 1080P from Roberts Space Industries on Vimeo.

Elder Scrolls Online 3 hour tour
Click here


Inurbasekillinu, Dec 1, 12 1:48 PM.
New sandbox adventure coming out sometime soon - looks like it has all the good parts of Terraria and much more!

Click here for website
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